Bailli Délégué de Turquie - Mohamed Hammam


• Born in Cairo – Egypt on February 24th, 1948

• Danish citizen

• Married with a Finnish citizen, Maria

• Has two daughters, Dina and Laila

• Holds a degree in commerce and financial sciences from the Higher Commercial Institute in Cairo and a diploma in Advanced Management/Executive Education from INSEAD, Fontainebleau/France

• Has retired from his position after 21 years as Managing Director, Gate Gourmet USAŞ, Turkey and Vice President - Middle East and Africa, Gate Gourmet International, having served for 37 years in the airline catering sector

• Has decided to continue his career as a private entrepreuneur and is currently the founder and CEO of HITCO Trading & Consultancy LLC

• Permanent resident of Turkey since 1989

• Chaîne Membership:
- Joined the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs as a Chevalier and a founder member of the Bailliage de Turquie, when first established in June 1994

- Joined the Board of the National Bailliage as Chancelier de Turquie from September 1997 to May 2006

- Inducted as the Bailli National de Turquie, by the worlwide President Yam Atallah in June 2006

- Appointed as a member of the Conseil Magistral representing Turkey by the Conseil d'Administration on September 20th, 2008

- Appointed as a member of the Chaîne International Administrative Board "Conseil d'Administration" at the Annual General Assembly held in Paris on June 13th, 2009