Harking back to our foundation as a guild of "Roasters ", we maintain that the greatest culinary heights may be reached with the simplest of preparations.

Roasting is the oldest, healthiest, and most universal form of cooking meats. Our dinners often feature all kinds of fish, fowl, meats and game prepared in this manner. While we return to French cuisine for inspiration at our grand dinners, we are not uniquely devoted to it.

Since the original guild was conceived as a teaching organization, we encourage diverse functions of an educational nature. Regional and foreign cuisines, tastings, seminars and competitions figure in our activities as well – giving our members as broad spectrum of culinary knowledge. The most important of these competitions is the national and international competition for food preparation, cooking and presentation organised among young commis who are candidates to become cooks.

In this way talented young commis are given an opportunity both in national and international environments to develop their skills.

We gather to share experience and to honor the restaurateurs, chefs, and service personnel whose collective talents inspire the pleasure of the table.

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs - International and National Offices